Westin® – HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard


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Product Details:

HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard by Westin®. Westin’s HDX winch Mount Grille Guard is Xtreme Truck Gear for truck enthusiasts seeking additional functionality. It not only offers all features of an HDX Grille Guard, but also provides the ability to hold a winch up to 10.25-inches tall with ratings up to 12,000 lbs. winch trays are tested and capability-confirmed to a minimum straight line pull of 16,500 lbs.


  • Full front protection
  • 2″ tube, full wrap around wings
  • Full “Punch Plate” grille
  • 1-Piece fully welded uprights
  • Heavy-duty rubber upright strips For pushing
  • 1.25″ tube for headlight protection
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Uprights capped with 2.75” wide rubber strips
  • Drilling required for some applications
  • Light clamps, faceplate, and additional lights sold separately