Westin® – HDX™ Full Width Front Winch HD Bumper


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Product Details:

HDX™ Full Width Front Winch HD Bumper by Westin®. HDX Bumper is manufactured into a solid one-piece construction and crafted from heavy-duty 7 gauge steel for a true off-road protection. It features aggressive chiseled design with seamless welded bends and is powder coated with black textured finish for a flawless look. It has two inset openings for mounting 10″ LED double row light bars. Your new HDX bumper by Westin will not only defend against damages, but also make your rig look like a serious off-road beast.


  • Constructed from 7 gauge steel
  • Aggressive chiseled design
  • Fits most medium frame 8,000-12,000 lbs winches (up to 10.25” tall)
  • Fits remote solenoid winches only
  • Pre-drilled for winch and fairlead mounting
  • Laser-cut openings to allow engine cooling
  • Built to receive two 10″ LED light bars
  • Fully welded one-piece construction
  • 1″ thick HD shackle mounts
  • Includes everything needed for installation
  • Application specific designs
  • Proudly made in the USA