Rock Vocabulary

Question Answer
Melting Changing solids to liquids
Weathering when wind, water or ice breaks down rocks into smaller sediments
Deposition when sediments are carried and deposited by wind, water or glaciers
Sedimentation when small particles settle into a landform after being transported
Deformation When the form, size or shape of a rock is changed by temperature, moisture, gravity

Exigir-to demand

Question Answer
Exijo I demand
Exiges You demand
Exige She/he demands
Exigimos We demand
Exigen They demand
ExigA­ I demanded
Exigiste You demanded
Exigio He/she demanded
Exigimos We demanded
Exigieron They demanded
ExigirA© I will demand
ExigirA?s You will demand
ExigirA? She/he will demand
Exigiremos We will demand
ExigirA?n They will demand

Fixing Your Credit

Question Answer
Credit Score a numerical rating of your credit-worthiness
Credit Report a record that details a person's credit history.
FICO an acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation
Credit History a record of a person's borrowing and repayment activity.
Credit Bureaus are companies that collect credit information about individuals.
Credit Risk How likely or unlikely you are to pay back money loaned to you.
Debt Money you owe.
Identity Theft When someone steals your private information
Installment Loan Loan with equal number of payments of the same amount over a fixed period of time.
Interest Rate The percentage of a loan amount you pay in order to borrow the money.


Question Answer
Eathan Allen commanded the "Green Mountain Boys"
Yorktown Cornwallis's Waterloo
George Rogers Clark captured Vincennes with a force of 150 men
Thomas Paine the author of Common Sense
Henry Knox forced the British to evacuate Boston
Thomas Jefferson the main author of the Declaration of Independence
regulars professional soldiers
Monmouth Molly Pitcher became a legend in this battle
John Burgoyne British general who surrendered Fort Ticonderoga
militia citizen soldiers
Hessians British-paid German soldiers
Francis Marion man whom Tarleton said "the devil himself couldn't catch"
William Howe won the battle of long island
Patriots Americans who fought for independence
Baron von Steuden German drillmaster for the continental army
Olive Branch Petition document that pledged loyalty to the king
Tories loyalists
Saratoga campaign the turning point of the war
Benedict Arnold brilliant soldier turned traitor
Trenton Washington crossed the Delaware to get there

SS chapter 4

Question Answer
Silt fine particles of fertile soil that are good for farming
irrigation a system that supplies dry land with water through ditches, pipes or streams
surplus the amount of left over food used for trade
city-state a city that governs it's self
polytheism a belief in more then one god
ziggurat a temple with a holy place on top
cunieform Sumerians writing system
scribe a person who copies documents
epic a long poem about a hero
caravans a group of merchants traveling together for safty
astronamer a person who studies plants and stars
empire a large teritory ruledby one ruler
tribute a payment made to a ruler or state as a sign of surrender
province a teritory governed as a political distrect of a country oer empire

swa econ vocab im a bananana

banana applesauce
wat is a economec disison no gout regulaton market
is a entrepreneur someone who is taking a risk
wat are cpital goods mechens
wat is spetalezaton ur good at
embargo ban on trade
limeted goods quota
read and wright literacy rate
limet trade with other countres trade barreyers

chapter 6

Term Definition
Unresolved not solved
Regulations rules from authority
controversial disagreement in the public
heinous bad horrible wicked
perpetrators person who did a crime
accountability taking responsibility for you actions
correspondence in common, similar, connection
superficial occurring at or on the surface
incident resulting from, ex she fell in the hallway because of spilled milk
suspicious looking guilty looking cautious
scenario situation,
accosted bold approach
resist unwillingly
oppression not being treated correctly
apartheid system of segregation or discrimination
exonerated release someone from
injustice not justice wrong lack of fairness
culpability blame responsible for
prosecutorial misconduct
incarceration prison confined locked away

Unit 1 Geography, Culture, Reasons for Exploration

Term Definition
Migrate to move from place to place
Migration Theory The idea that the first people entered North America by traveling from Asia across a "land bridge" along what is now the Bering Straight.
Culture The way of live of a group of people. The environment has a huge effect on how cultures develop differently. The environment gives people the tools they use to meet their basic human needs.
Artifact Physical ("touchable")l evidence that tells about the life of the people that left it behind. Examples: arrowhead, pottery, bones, ruins of buildings
Environment Surroundings. Includes climate, landforms and natural resources.
Natural Resources Things found in nature that people use to survive. Examples: water bodies, animals, trees.
"The Three Sisters" Corn, beans and squash. Three main crops grown by the Iroquois.
Slash and Burn Farming Cutting down (slashing) brush and small trees to clear the land then setting them on fire to burn down bigger trees. The remains of the burned trees fertilizes the soil so it can be used for farming.
Democracy Form of government were people participate by voting or communicating their ideas to their elected representatives
Adapt To change to meet the conditions of the environment
Nomadic/Nomad People that would often move from place to place in search of food.
Agriculture Farming
Confederacy A government where members a individuals and separate. They only join together when they need to or want to. The Iroquois Confederacy was also a democracy because they all had a say in making decisions.
Primary source Something that tells you about the time period that was created during the time period you are studying. Example: Diary of someone who lived during the time period.
Columbian Exchange When Europeans began moving to North America, trade (exchange) developed. This exchange of goods, plants, animals, diseases between Europe and North America was named after Christopher Columbus

Conflict Definitions for the different types of conflict

Term Definition
Character vs. Self A conflict that exists within a person that includes decisions, thinking, or feelings of the character.
Ex: Cap being confused; Feeling sad, lonely, angry
Character vs. Character A conflict that exists between the characters of the story.
Ex: Zach and Cap; The wolf and the 3 Little Pigs
Character vs. Society A conflict that a character has with a group or community.
Ex: Breaking the law; Age restrictions
Character vs. Technology A conflict that a character has with machine or tool.
Ex: Cell phone has no service; Car breaks down.
Character vs. Nature A conflict a character has with things in nature.
Ex: Hurricane,; Snow storm; Bear attack
Character vs. Supernatural A conflict that a character has with supernatural or unknown forces.
Ex: Ghosts; Paranormal; Vampires