Onki® – 6.5″ Volcano Wheel-to-Wheel Black Running Boards


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Product Details:

6.5″ Volcano Wheel-to-Wheel Black Powder Coat Running Boards by Onki®, 1 Pair. Length: 78″. Black hard rubber grip pads provide a monochromatic look next to surrounding metal sections finished in black powder coat. A removable top step panel allows easy pad replacement and cleaning.


  • 6.5-inch wide step pad
  • 3-inch diameter steel frames the running board for maximum rigidity
  • Raised black hard rubber grip pads ensure maximum grip in mud or bad weather
  • Removable top step panel allows easy cleaning and replacement of rubber pads if they become worn
  • All metal surfaces are finished with black powder coating for maximum durability
  • Requires some drilling to install