Onki® – 6.5″ Volcano Running Boards


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Product Details:

6.5″ Volcano Running Boards by Onki®, 1 Pair. Climbing into your truck or sport utility will be safe and easy with this running board’s 6.5-inch wide step framed by a 3-inch diameter steel tube for rigidity and strength. Rubber grip pads available in orange or black provide texture for secure footing, and can easily be replaced by lifting the removable top step panel. Step position can be adjusted further in, out, up, or down.


  • 6.5-inch wide step pad
  • 3-inch diameter steel tube frames the running board for maximum rigidity
  • Raised rubber grip pads are available in black or orange and ensure maximum grip in mud or bad weather
  • Removable top step panel allows easy cleaning and replacement of rubber pads if they become worn
  • Requires some drilling to install