Scientific Method Review Game

Question Answer
What is the first step to the scientific method? Identify a problem or ask a question.
An observation Something you determine as fact using your five senses.
An Inference A conclusion based on observation. You think it's true.
Quantitative Observation An observation about the number or amount of something.
Qualitative Observation An observation using your five senses, but is not made using numbers.
Variable Something that could change during an experiment.
Independent Variable A variable that a scientist intentionally changes or manipulates.
Dependent Variable A variable in an experiment which you cannot precisely manipulate or control; It's the variable that depends on the independent variable–what your testing for
Controlled Variable variables which the scientist wants to remain constant–unchanged–through an experiment.
Hypothesis a possible solution to a problem or answer to a question.
The two words all hypotheses need If….. then….
Which variable is written first in a good experiment? Independent Variable
The steps to an experiment the procedure
Scientist write down their experiment before starting to … stay organized, to let others try the same experiment and to redesign the experiment if needed.
If a hypothesis is supported by data… …it should be retested again and again.
If a hypothesis is not supported by data… …an new hypothesis should be written and a new experiment designed.
Formula for volume of a rectangular prism length x width x height
To find the volume of an irregularly sized object… … use a graduated cylinder and water displacement.

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