chapter 6 vocab LA history

Term Definition
mouth the place where a stream like the Mississippi river enter a larger body of water like the gulf of mexico.
commandant the officer in command of the French LA colony
commissary-commissioner the buisness manager of the French LA colony
proprietorship the system of letting an individual businessman take control of a colony in the hopes that he could make it profitable.
indigo a paint that is used to make blue dye
calumet a ceremonial pipe used by native americans
joint-stock company an early form of the modern corporation in which many people invested by buying stock
Mississippi bubble the expansion then collapse of the company of the indies a French company that invested in the LA colony
concession a grant of land given by the French proprietary gov. to a concessionaire- a person who agreed to clear land for food and cash crops
code noir black code; a set of laws established by beinville in 1724 that regulated the behavior of slaves and laid out rules for masters
casket girls young marriageable girls sent from france to LA in 1728 each with a small trunk filled with clothing and goods needed to establish a household.
le salle long dreamed of finding a water route to china. claimed the Mississippi valley for france. was killed by his men.
iberville son of wealthy Canadian landowner. founded a French colony near the mouth of the Mississippi river. was a later called back to fight in war in Europe. on his return to Louisiana he died in Havana cuba of yellow fever.
Bienville Iberville's younger brother who became the leader of the colony at ibervilles death
antoine crozat a French buissnessman who had loaned money to king louis XIV in 1712 and was the first proprietor of the Louisiana colony.

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