Bio Water ch. 3

Question Answer
What percentage of Earth is water? 75%
What percentage of a cell is water? between 70-95%
Describe endospores Bacteria that can live w/o water for years. essentially going into hibernation
Cohesiveness Water bonds to water
Adhesiveness Water bonds to other polar molecules
Whats an example of adhesiveness? Water transport in plants or blood flow in vessels
What's an example of cohesiveness? Water bubbling over a coin//bugs "walking on water" d/t surface tension
Describe the relationship b/w water and temperature When freezing water expands. When boiling "breaks" and turns into vapor
Whats the atomic structure of ice vs water? Ice has stable bonds, water has transient ones (constantly rebreaking) and has closer molecules
Whats more dense, ice or water? Water.
What happens when a lake freezes over? The hydrogen bonds on top absorb the temperature and insulates the rest of the lake allowing life to continue
What are the four main functions of water? supply life, moderate temperature, expand when frozen, and work as a solvent for polar molecules
How are proteins and water connected? If a protein has a hydrophilic surface it will dissolve in water
How do you make an acid more basic? Take away Hydrogen
How do you make a base more acidic? add hydrogen
Hydrochloric Acid Strong acid that almost completely ionizes HCL
Acetic Acid Weak acid, partially ionizes
When water ionizes what happens The hydrogen becomes positive and the oxygen becomes negative
As you go further away from neutral on the OH scale what is the effect? Each number decreases/increases concentration of Hydrogen tenfold (10x)
Buffer mixture of acid and corresponding base to level PH
What should be the Ph in a humans blood stream? 7.35
How does a human maintain blood Ph? If blood becomes acidic hydrogen is absorbed by HCO3 and becomes H2CO3 If blood becomes basic H2CO3 ionizes

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